Our EClinics is an effort to bring doctors and super specialist doctors in one platform. We believe patient is our extended family and take care of them. All the eclinics will consist of most modern equipments and telemedicine enabled set up. Trained medical staffs, easy and accessible eclinics in your neighbourhoods for your medical needs is what we aim to solve. To link our community hospitals, we have a 3 tier referral system to link patients to community hospitals. 

Eclinics are the first choice for hassle free experience to the remotest part of India. We aim to expand to rural areas, where the eclinics are needed most despite the governments working on primary healthcare system. Primary healthcare segment is fragmented in India, doctor population ratio is less than 1:1400, which is much below WHO standards. Most of the doctors are practising in main cities and people of remote areas are either devoid of proper medical care or they have to travel a long distance for their treatment. Most of the remote areas are flooded with clinics of quacks and non qualified practitioners who neither understand medicine nor diseases, innocent people have no option but to seek care from them, which leads to further complications and extra burden on family. Our eclinics are the solution for such dearth and discrepancy of doctors. 

We are YOUR trusted partner, and a friend you can rely on.


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